Fligel Image Apparel

Need: Fligel Image Apparel (Fligel) turned to The Davidson Group when they needed to recruit the right candidate for their Operations Manager.

Outcome: The Davidson Group was successful in benchmarking the position, which allowed them to quickly identify an ideal candidate for this critical, newly-created position.
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this family firm has been in business for over 70 years. While originally founded as a source for industrial uniforms, the company has expanded heavily into image apparel. Fligel’s mission is to provide outstanding customer service and excellent quality. They stand behind their unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company sells to national and international companies in the following industries: manufacturing, hospitality, food service and health care.
Stuart Fligel, president of Fligel Image Apparel, approached The Davidson Group because he needed help to add a critical new position to his management team. Mark Moser recommended the process begin with a benchmarking workshop. This gave Moser, Fligel and General Manager Judy Saxon the ability to discuss the proposed job description in detail and prioritize the factors critical for success in the new role.

After the workshop, Fligel and Saxon completed an on-line assessment to answer questions about the job. This created the benchmark against which qualified candidates’ assessment results could be compared. During the interview process be, two seemingly equal candidates emerged. The benchmark provided invaluable information about the candidates. After the candidates took the assessment and the results were compared to the benchmark, it became clear that one candidate was more likely to be successful than the other. Fligel hired that candidate, and he’s proven to be a star performer. This proactive approach to executive selection provided Fligel Image Apparel with the right employee needed for their on-going success.

NETcom Cabling & Security Systems

Need: NETcom Cabling and Security System (NETcom) needed a compliant and cost-effective manner to staff changing periods of demand.

Outcome: The Davidson Group successfully implemented strategies to help NETcom acquire the necessary labor to navigate a spike in demand while remaining compliant with labor laws.

NETcom Cabling and Security Systems has over two decades of proven expertise in communications cabling, network design/installation and security systems. Their consulting services ensure that companies across North Carolina are equipped with the scalable technology to meet their network requirements now – and for future growth. They are the Piedmont Triad’s experts in cabling and installation of fiber optic cable, twisted pair Ethernet solutions and coaxial cables.

NETcom President Dan Quinn and Operations Manager Mike Reid reached out to Mark Moser of The Davidson Group regarding their need to bring on additional workers to support a period of heavy demand. However, the need for this additional workforce might only last a few months. They wanted advice on how to minimize their exposure to risk while remaining compliant. The Davidson Group advised them how to meet requirements for unemployment and workers compensation.

A kick-off meeting was held to the various job descriptions, timeframe for extra demand for those roles and the skills/equipment necessary to do these jobs. Human Resources (HR) expert Mark Moser then recommended that NETcom utilize a combination of solutions. This included the following staffing mix:
• Hiring of some highly skilled workers as employees;
• Working through a temporary labor source for less-skilled workers;
• Subcontracting work to bona fide subcontractors where possible.

NETcom implemented the staffing strategy that The Davidson Group created. They had a cost-effective plan to hire the right mix of workers, which allowed them to meet demand during the peak period while only hiring a minimal number of new employees.

Country Club

Need: Review a Country Club’s Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures for compliance and best practice.

Outcome: The Davidson Group completed a comprehensive review of over 80 HR-related issues and created a prioritized action plan for all areas that needed attention.

A Country Club’s Board of Directors were concerned with HR compliance. David Hammer of the Davidson Group reviewed all HR areas to ensure they were in compliance with applicable HR regulations and to highlight areas that needed improvement. He created a customized HR assessment to evaluate their HR practices.

During the assessment, Hammer conducted a series of meetings with key staff members to review their policies and procedures. This detailed review highlighted many areas that required attention. Hammer suggested and implemented multiple changes in several key HR practices, including hiring practices, records management and policy management. The result was a significant improvement in both compliance and best practices.

Major Manufacturing Company

Need: A major manufacturing company in the Piedmont Triad needed to upgrade their Human Resources (HR) function.

Outcome: The Davidson Group conducted a thorough analysis of all HR activities. Based on that analysis, The Davidson Group was asked to serve as the outsourced Vice President of HR for a period of time to implement the recommended changes.

A major manufacturing company based in the Piedmont Triad turned to The Davidson Group when they needed to improve their Human Resources function. The Davidson Group conducted an extensive audit of the company’s HR policies and procedures. This resulted in the created of a short and long-term action plan, both of which were successfully executed ahead of schedule.

Acting as the Outsourced Vice President of Human Resources, David Hammer completed a series of projects. This targeted work included the following projects:
• Benefits analysis of the HR function;
• Implementation of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS);
• Recruitment of key senior managers;
• Re-alignment of their HR staff and policy improvements.

Hammer served as the Outsourced Human Resources Vice President for an extended period of time, which resulted in significant cost savings for the client while they received high-level strategic HR assistance.